construction site WiFi by Notspot

On-Site WiFi: Why Is It Needed? How To Get It?

How To Get On-Site WiFi

construction site WiFi by Notspot

In the bustling world of construction, where progress is measured in tangible structures rising from the ground, connectivity is often the unseen force driving efficiency and productivity. However, in the realm of remote or underserved locations, the absence of reliable internet connectivity—referred to as “notspot broadband”—can pose significant challenges. From managing logistics to coordinating teams and accessing vital resources, the absence of onsite WiFi can impede progress and inflate costs.

In this blog, we delve into the crucial role of onsite WiFi solutions in construction sites and similar environments.

Why Do Construction & Other Sites Need WiFi?

In the modern world, WiFi connectivity on construction sites is indispensable. The use of high tech software tools and cloud based plans, means the need for on-site WiFi is just a given on todays building sites. Here are a few examples of where on-site WiFi is used:

  • Access to blueprints and project plans ensures up-to-date information for all stakeholders.
  • Project management software streamlines workflows and resource allocation.
  • WiFi-connected sensors monitor environmental conditions and worker safety.
  • Remote equipment monitoring optimises performance and minimises downtime.
  • Online training materials promote skill development and safety awareness.
  • Virtual site tours and remote meetings engage clients and stakeholders, ensuring transparency throughout the construction process.

Most sites will have an office of sorts, sometimes purpose built, sometimes slightly more make-shift. But the need for WiFi is a given in these areas. But it can be a challenge to achieve which is why Notspot offer a range of options to allow for a solution for everyone/ every site.

Connecting Your Cabin With On-Site WiFi

Notspot offer multiple options when getting on-site WiFi, our usual offering to an onsite office, would be our Mastband service. Utilising 4G/5G connectivity to achieve ultra-fast broadband on-site.

Mastband For On-Site Cabins

In construction sites, portable cabins and site offices can function as signal blockers. Impeding external signals and limiting access to the high-speed capabilities of 4G/5G networks. To overcome this challenge and establish WiFi connectivity within these structures, deploying a high-gain external antenna is essential. Positioned either outside the cabin or affixed to a window, this antenna effectively enhances signal strength, speed, and reduces latency. The perfect solution for this is our Mastband service, ensuring reliable connectivity despite the obstructive nature of portable cabin construction.

diagram of mast band working
Diagram of How Our Mastband Antenna Works

Satellite WiFi for On-Site Cabins

If your construction site is situated in a rural area or suffers from poor cellular coverage, relying solely on 4G connectivity might prove insufficient for running your site office effectively. This is where Notspot Broadband steps in.

By leveraging satellite technology, you can bypass the limitations of 4G and cellular connectivity altogether, eliminating dependence on mobile networks. We typically advocate for a Low Earth Orbit satellite solution, which boasts significantly reduced latency compared to traditional satellite connections. With one of our satellites, you can enjoy download speeds of up to 200 Mbps, surpassing the performance of many 4G (and even some 5G) connections, ensuring seamless operations for your construction site office.

satellite wifi diagram for onsite wifi
Diagram of How Our Satellite Option Works

Site Wide WiFi

Ensuring WiFi connectivity across an entire construction site poses its own set of challenges, but several options are available to address this need effectively.

One viable solution is implementing a site-wide WiFi network. This entails setting up a comprehensive mesh network throughout the construction site, consisting of strategically positioned WiFi access points on masts. These access points distribute connectivity to all areas requiring access.

Much like a hotel setup, where guests seamlessly transition between rooms and common areas without losing WiFi connection, a site-wide network ensures continuous connectivity for all team members, regardless of their location on the site.

However, deploying and maintaining such a network demands careful planning and ongoing attention. As the construction site evolves, additional access points and masts may be necessary to accommodate new areas requiring WiFi coverage. Regular updates and adjustments are essential to ensure optimal performance throughout the project duration.

Mobile WiFi for Construction Workers

Providing construction teams with their own mobile devices, like tablets or smartphones, equipped with data SIM cards, offers a cost-effective solution for on-site WiFi access. This eliminates the need for individual WiFi setups, streamlining connectivity and reducing infrastructure costs. Mobile devices also enhance productivity, enabling workers to access project information, communicate, and use construction management apps seamlessly. 

For longer term projects, we find that this is a more cost effective way of getting WiFi across the site and not just in the office space. We can supply a range of mobile phones and/ or DATA SIMs for your construction/ site team, check out our deals here:

Hotspots for On-Site WiFi Coverage

on-site wifi graphic

An intermediary solution involves placing WiFi hotspots at various locations throughout the site, such as site cabins, welfare units, and high-traffic areas. These hotspots offer reliable connectivity across the site at a lower cost, making them ideal for those unable to invest in extensive site-wide infrastructure.

Typically, we deploy WiFi at several cabins across the site, often serving as hubs for catering, offices, and common areas. These cabins can be swiftly transformed into fully functional office environments for on-site teams.

If you’re encountering connectivity issues on your construction site or seek further information about available options, feel free to reach out to our team for a no-obligation quotation today.

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