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OneWeb uses Low Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity, using satellites to remove barriers and enable high-speed, low latency connectivity for Governments, Businesses and Communites across the globe.

NotSpot will be collaborationg with One Web to offer easy network expansion for businesses to customers everywhere. Our connectivity is straightforward to integrate and rapidly deploy as a primary, back-up or hybrid solution to new territories and hard-to-reach locations. We enable faster and larger data-led communications and innovation flows that drive performance, supply chain, sustainability, compliance, and improved staff welfare. Our plans are easy to buy, deploy, integrate, and manage using OneWeb’s customer-focused digital products and cloud-based services.

Oneweb broadband satellite

OneWeb Equipment

NotSpot will soon be looking to provide and distribute OneWeb’s mobile backhaul access, Community Broadband and Enterprise expansion packages as they become readily available. Before OneWeb arrives why not try our Mastband service.