Business Broadband


Business broadband in hard-to-reach places or the sensible choice as an independent back up broadband service.

Business service incorporates the latest Mastband LTE technology that can include Dual Modem for redundancy and or service bonding, Industry leading 4 bands carrier aggregation providing faster speeds and more reliable service, Quad processors for plenty of processing power, Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to ensure there is no bottleneck before your network, VPN, Firewall and all this enclosed in a rugged industrial grade chassis for long meantime fail ratios.

What we offer

The latest 4th Generation LTE with multi strand aggregation

Internal of Business Broadband Equipment
All our Mastband equipment is designed for mission critical applications. Latency typically below 35Ms and processors capable of symmetrical 600Mbps through load balancing. Making this device irreplaceable in applications where loosing connection is not an option.

Future proof with 5th Generation LTE with backwards compatibility with 4th Generation LTE

Future proof with 5th Generation LTE with backwards compatibility with 4th Generation LTE
Business Broadband Equipment

Firmware and configuration updates

The LTE network is evolving and the network providers will perform software and hardware changes to improve their network. This in itself can have a detrimental effect on the router deployed, however in Mastband’s case we have the ability to remotely reconfigure our devices and bring the service back to optimum performance.

We can deploy any desired configuration ­template or new ­firmware version to all our units at the same time. Over-the-air bulk upgrade and configuration significantly reduces the costs of system maintenance meaning users on the network are unaware of performance enhancing upgrades are taking place.


As we have a server driven network we have the ability to open ports specifically on your device without the need for a fixed IP. If you need to use CCTV or other services that need a specific address to work we can activate your device and provide specific address that will be incredibly secure and totally unique to you

Maintenance and diagnostics

We receive information that helps to visualize your Mastband location and check performance indicators like temperature, signal strength and all the device details. We can also remotely reboot devices and download troubleshooting or system event files for in-depth health analysis.

Android Application

All of our engineers can securely access your device remotely by just using their Android phone again alleviating the need for site visits.


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