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Are you or your business in a rural area and struggling with broadband? Then get in touch with Notspot Broadband today to get fast and robust broadband, in any rural area across the UK including right across Staffordshire even the most rural of areas

Perfect Rural Broadband in Staffordshire and Surrounding Areas

5* Service

“I was really struggling to get any sort of internet services where I live. Notspot have installed a attena which has allowed me to go from 2mbps to 65mbps and it’s made such a difference! Thank you!”
“I have had Notspot for a year now and any always had great speeds, had a couple of questions recently of which were quick to respond, very friendly. I recommended to my remote neighbors and both of them are happy customers.”
“Just wanted to say thanks so much for your fantastic service! The Engineer was a lovely guy who did a great job, with a most professional and courteous attitude; and wow, the speed increase from what we had before is epic!”

WiFi in Rural Areas for Businesses and Homes in the UK

Tired of poor rural internet service while enjoying the countryside? You’re in good company. Staffordshire is home to many Broadband Notspots.

In rural areas of the UK, there are approximately 600,000 homes and businesses grappling with inadequate high-speed internet access, primarily due to the lack of attention from major telecom operators. Which isn’t improving as it should.

Our mission is to ensure that customers all across the UK receive the quality rural internet service they rightfully deserve. We’ve put together a range of complex solutions to help you to address your sluggish rural internet connection. We use our years of expertise to carefully decide which of our solutions is right for you! All of our customers receive a tailored solution to ensure they receive the very best speeds available in their location.

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Why is my Rural Internet So Slow?

If you are based in a rural or limited access area in the UK you are likely to be struggling to get a good internet connection. At Notspot Broadband we believe that everyone has the right to fast and reliable internet in the UK, no matter where you live/work.

The significant challenge in delivering reliable internet services to rural and remote areas through conventional methods lies in the high cost of establishing the necessary infrastructure. This is why standard rural internet services often suffer from slower speeds and decreased reliability.

This is where Mastband and Notspot Broadband comes in. We only use products we trust and run our business off on a daily basis.

Why Mastband?

It’s all about the equipment we use. LTE offered on other equipment like phones, dongles or entry-level routers are single-strand radio technology and are simply not as powerful or capable as the equipment we use for our Mastband service. Other equipment is not designed to hold on to specific signals and will always choose the strongest signal available,resulting in inconsistent speeds, and if the signal does drop then so will your connection.

Mastband searches, differentiates, and “locks” onto the 5G spectrum even in low signal areas giving consistent fibre-like speeds. Other equipment can only provide 5G broadband in higher signal areas. Mastand is monitored through our own servers to guarantee health and continuity. So simply, if the Mastband service is mapped successfully after giving your postcode, it will work! Making Mastband the perfect solution to all types of rural Broadband throughout Staffordshire and surrounding areas.

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Providing next-generation broadband where others can't

Mastband is NotSpot’s continually evolving fibre-beating solution that brings ultra-fast speeds into your home without a new phone line or large unsightly dish, just a small antenna on your wall and a modem in your property. Our service covers 98% of the UK and brings ultra-fast, low-latency broadband to areas where standard broadband just can’t reach.


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We will ensure that we do everything possible to enable you to achieve ultra-fast broadband.

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We have the ability to fix IP's which is crucial for remote equipment, CCTV and other IoT tech.

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