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NotSpot's Event Work

Notspot pride ourselves on our event work and our reviews show why, we have been part of the foundation to many successful events across the UK.

We provide fully supported technology solutions for both temporary and permanent venues for events, leisure & hospitality sectors. Our service provides secure, fast and robust Wi-Fi & internet connectivity, temporary high speed internet connectivity, rapid deployment, interactive experiences.

You may be surprised where we can achieve a fast, robust internet connection, even where there are no utilities in almost a military fashion. Give us a field, pond or mountain range and we will provide you a reliable internet connection. Don’t believe us ? Check our Reviews

Obedio van at peak wildlife

Check out our case studies and reviews below, to see detailed examples how Notspot has overcome broadband issues to make many large scale events successful. 

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Notspot has worked hard on broadband solutions to allow for the seamless running of day-to-day operations at Freedom HQ.

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Heritage Live is one of the biggest music events in the UK. Which is why we take such pride in being a supplier.

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As you would expect in a remote wildlife park connectivity is hard to come by. Check out how Notspot helped the park.

wheat, crop, field-5996781.jpg

Hob Hay Farm found they had no broadband access in the area and the telephone would only work sporadically.

barn, stable door, village-511459.jpg

Unstable broadband averaging 2mbps, no cellular signal and a crackling telephone service made this user’s life harder than it needed to be.

hut, bedroom, indoors-5818021.jpg

Unstable broadband and a lack of cellular signal, made for many complaints from guests, hindering the business.


Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business, new projects, creative opportunities and how we can help you.

Notspot offer services covering the whole of the UK. Just let us know your Postcode, What3Words or Geo coordinates and we can get back to you on how we can help improve your connectivity, on both a business and domestic level.

Notspot are not a WISP provider. We provide a soloution involving the latest LTE signal boosting technology available, which allows you to receive high-speed broadband connection in locations that are considered unreachable by the majority of broadband providers.

Notspot are based in Elkstones a rural hamlet deep within the Peak National Park, which is how the business was origionally founded as our CEO moved to this location and discovered that there was no sort of broadband signal what so ever and the big brands refused to help. Being a UK based company allows us to maximise our quality of support that we offer to all customers both business and domestic. For any issues or queries were just at the end of the phone – 0333 322 3434

A strong and reliable connection is crucial to any successful event no matter the size. Our reliable connection will allow for events to take fast and secure payments, allow for CCTV use, live streaming capabilities and internet browsing to name a few. Check out our detailed case studies to find out more and please contact us with any queries.

At Notspot we pride ourselves on being able to provide high-speed broadband where others can’t. So if you are struggling with speeds and connectivity whether at home, for a business or even a large event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on – 03333 22 3434

Notspot are part of a family of brand, you can check this out in the ‘What we do’ section of the website. We have a range of skills and expirence across our family of brands to deal with a range of internet connection based issues, get in touch and we’ll come up with a solution for you.

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