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EE is the primary provider of the masts that support our Mastband service, ensuring the coverage necessary to achieve the speeds you desire through the use of EE’s 4G Broadband SIMs.

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“I was really struggling to get any sort of internet services where I live. Notspot have installed a attena which has allowed me to go from 2mbps to 65mbps and it’s made such a difference! Thank you!”
“I have had Notspot for a year now and any always had great speeds, had a couple of questions recently of which were quick to respond, very friendly. I recommended to my remote neighbors and both of them are happy customers.”
“Just wanted to say thanks so much for your fantastic service! The Engineer was a lovely guy who did a great job, with a most professional and courteous attitude; and wow, the speed increase from what we had before is epic!”

Why Notspot Choose EE As Our Mainline Mast Provider

EE are still the only UK network to report our 4G geographic coverage – and we’re leading the way in bringing fast 4G to more parts of the UK. Ofcom report that we have a 87%* 4G geographic coverage in the UK – that’s more than any other operator.

And they are not stopping there. Building more than 500 brand new 4G sites in rural areas in the last 12 months, and we’ll build hundreds more in the next 12 months. We’re also improving our indoor 4G coverage with more low frequency mobile spectrum, and targeting coverage on roads and railways.

*According to Ofcom’s Connected Nations Report Summer 2020. 87% geographic coverage equates to more than 99% of the population.

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What is 5G?

5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for cellular networks. But all you need to know is 5G is Fast, Faster than anything you’ve used before with a bigger capacity even in highly populated locations.

Experience faster speeds, accelerated downloads, and enhanced streaming quality, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content while on the move. No 5G coverage in your area? You can still indulge in high-resolution video streaming, superior video calls, and instant film downloads with our super-fast 4G SIMs.

EE 4G Broadband in rural areas

Through Our Detailed Property Mapping We Make Sure You're On The Best Available Network

What Is The Best 4G/ 5G SIM For Me?

While EE serves as our primary SIM provider at Notspot, we understand that each situation is unique. That’s why we offer top-quality business-grade SIMs compatible with a wide range of providers. After thoroughly assessing factors such as your environment, local mast availability, and potential obstructions, Notspot will deliver the most suitable SIM tailored to your specific requirements and offering excellent value.

EE 4G/ 5G Broadband sims and other brands

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We will ensure that we do everything possible to enable you to achieve ultra-fast broadband.



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We have the ability to fix IP's which is crucial for remote equipment, CCTV and other IoT tech.

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A market-beating price, with a guaranteed discount at the end of your contract.

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