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Staying connected to the online world means opportunity, education, and economic growth. However, many rural areas find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide. Limited broadband access in these regions poses significant challenges to education, healthcare, and economic development. In this exploration, we embark on a journey to uncover the innovative technologies, government initiatives, and community-driven efforts that are shaping the future of broadband connectivity in rural areas.

Obedio is here for you to provide broadband in rural areas of Britain.

A Fibre beating solution to Rural Broadband

Sometimes fibre is not a viable solution for broadband in rural areas which is where Notspot Broadband (part of Obedio) comes in. Mastband is NotSpot’s continually evolving fibre-beating solution. It uses the backbone of the UK’s masts which covers 98% of the UK landmass. Mastband brings an ultra-fast, low-latency alternative broadband to areas where standard broadband just can’t reach. Bringing fibre beating speeds into your home with no new phone line or huge dishes, just a small antenna on your wall and a modem in your house.

All we need is your postcode to map your location, it’s that simple.

What is Mastband?

Our Notspot Mastband service is at the core of our mission to providing broadband to everyone. We offer an alternative broadband solution to users we cannot access traditional landline broadband due to remote locations or other constraints, it’s designed to make the internet accessible to everyone regardless of their circumstances.

How does Mastband work?

Mastband searches and “locks” on to a mast signal even in low signal areas giving consistent fibre-like speeds. Other equipment can only provide fixed wireless broadband in higher signal areas. Mastband is also monitored remotely through our own servers to guarantee health & continuity. Due to the quality of the tech we use for our Mastband customers, this service has become ‘future proof’. The tech we are currently using is designed to lock onto both 4G/5G so as your area continues to develop it’s signal yours will only get better. Along with updates and upgrades we will ensure you always have the best on the market.

To check for expected speeds, obstructions and availability in your area we use your address to evaluate the best solution for your area.


Once we have mapped your property we will then relay the information of what we can achieve for you and discuss if you’d like to go ahead.


We plan to send our skilled engineers out as soon as possible to get you up and running. However, we are happy to work around you to make the changeover as easy as possible.

To check for expected speeds, obstructions and availability in your area we use your address/postcode to evaluate the best solution for your area. At this point we are not only checking for Mastband but we also run checks to see if our multi-solution fibre is avalible in your area, we are dedicated to supplying the best connection possible.

Once we have mapped your property we will then relay the information of expected speeds and any problems/ alternative solutions that have appeared through mapping your property and help you decide what is the best option for you and to put an agreement into place to move to the next stage.


The next stage is the install of our Mastband products at your property. We plan to send our skilled engineers out as soon as possible to get you up and running. However, we are happy to work around you to make the changeover as easy as possible. This is not the end of your support we continue to support and help scale all of our customer’s services where needed.

This graphic shows the distance between our office and the mast selected to power our office, you can see how rural our location really is.

This graphic shows the level of obstruction between the mast in question and our office, you can see obstruction is minimal from this mast giving us a strong connection

How is rural broadband being improved?

High-speed broadband, boasting advertised download speeds exceeding 30 megabits per second (Mbps), has reached 97% of homes and businesses across the UK. Nevertheless, approximately 14% of rural properties still lack access, as reported by Ofcom. The median average 24-hour actual download speed recorded across UK residential fixed broadband connections was 69.4 Mbit/s in March 2023, a 10.1 Mbit/s (17%) increase compared to March 2022. Source

Moreover, a notable 80,000 premises in the UK struggle to connect to a reliable fixed broadband service, with speeds hitting a minimum of 10 Mbps. Encouragingly, positive changes are underway. The government’s Project Gigabit initiative demonstrates a commitment to invest £5 billion in subsidizing the construction of gigabit-capable broadband networks, specifically targeting hard-to-reach areas. But it is becoming increasingly visible that there are many areas that they have no plans of connecting! So what for those areas? That’s where Notspot and Obedio come in.

Exploring Broadband Options in Rural Areas

Access to high-speed internet is no longer a luxury; it’s an essential utility for education, business, and daily life. However, in rural areas, the broadband landscape can vary significantly. Let’s delve into the broadband services available in rural settings, each with its own set of characteristics and advantages.

  1. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line):
    • ADSL is a traditional broadband technology that utilizes existing telephone lines to provide internet access.
    • While widely available, ADSL speeds can be influenced by the distance from the telephone exchange, leading to slower connections in remote areas.
  2. Standard Fibre Broadband:
    • Standard fibre broadband, often known as FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet), involves fibre-optic cables to the street cabinet, with the connection to homes completed through existing copper cables.
    • It offers improved speeds compared to ADSL but may still face limitations in remote rural areas due to the reliance on copper infrastructure.
  3. Full Fibre Broadband:
    • Full fibre broadband, also known as FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises), eliminates copper entirely, providing a direct fibre-optic connection from the exchange to homes.
    • It delivers significantly higher speeds and is less susceptible to distance-related slowdowns, making it a promising solution for rural areas where fibre infrastructure is available.
  4. Fixed Wireless Broadband:
    • Fixed wireless broadband uses radio signals to transmit data between a base station and a fixed antenna installed on the subscriber’s property.
    • This technology can overcome the challenges of laying physical cables in remote areas, offering decent speeds and reliability, depending on the line of sight to the base station.
  5. Mobile Broadband:
    • Mobile broadband leverages cellular networks to provide internet access via mobile devices or portable hotspots.
    • In rural areas, the availability and performance of mobile broadband depend on the strength of the cellular signal, making it a viable option in some regions.
  6. Satellite Broadband:
    • Satellite broadband delivers internet access via satellites in Earth’s orbit, offering coverage even in the most remote locations.
    • While it provides wide-reaching accessibility, satellite broadband may have limitations such as latency and data usage restrictions.

Understanding the broadband services available in rural areas is crucial for residents and businesses seeking optimal connectivity solutions. Each technology comes with its own set of pros and cons, and the suitability of a particular service depends on factors like location, terrain, and infrastructure. As technology continues to advance, the hope is that rural areas will benefit from a broader range of reliable and high-speed broadband options.

The best solution for rural broadband in the UK

Notspot Broadband is here to help bridge the gap for wifi in rural areas. Where many other service providers simply cannot give you a reliable connection, Mastband offers a unique solution with a completely custom set up. Our connection, in many cases beats fibre optics and other traditional broadband providers. Get in touch today if you want a more stable and reliable connection to your home or business in a rural area.

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