Case Studies - Hospitality, Peak District

The Background

Brian encountered difficulties with poor Hospitality WiFi speeds and weak signals in his three neighbouring guest homes nestled in the picturesque Peak District. Despite their proximity, the remote location posed challenges for reliable internet connectivity. The lack of nearby network infrastructure caused the WiFi signals to weaken, resulting in slow speeds and frequent disconnections. Brian recognised the importance of providing a seamless online experience for his guests and sought solutions to address the issue.

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rural wifi buxton, an area with slow speeds

The Task

The biggest task faced on this particular job was the necessity for improved broadband speeds and management; for Brian’s hospitality business to be a success a strong connection is not a luxury its an integral part of the experience for Brian and his customers. 

With the area being so rural the cellular connection is also sparse, putting further demand on the need for every guest to have access to a fast connection. To avoid hinderence of limiting entertainment options and lack of connection to loved ones for guests of the homes.

The Outcome

To overcome the connectivity issues, Brian sought assistance from Notspot. Notspot installed Mastband, a technology that provided a robust backhaul, ensuring a stable connection to all of Brian’s guest homes. This solution offered a reliable 30Mbps Jelled Hospitality WiFi connection, designed to provide a fair and consistent internet experience even when the guest houses were at full capacity.

Additionally, Notspot designed a Guest WiFi Portal, which is offered as a free service to both guest homes and local businesses. This portal allowed guests to easily connect to the WiFi network and access the internet during their stay. Thanks to Notspot’s intervention, Brian’s guests now enjoyed a reliable and stable internet connection.

farm guest house - rural broadband & guest wifi