Case Study - Domestic/ Home Broadband

The Client Background

Revolutionising their Home Broadband – Margaret and her husband have carved out a unique life in the picturesque and secluded hamlet of Brushfield, nestled deep within the breathtaking landscapes of the Peak District National Park. Despite the challenges of living in such a remote location, they have found purpose and fulfilment by establishing and operating a charity from the comfort of their own home.

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The Task

One major hurdle is their limited access to stable home broadband, unreliable telephone service, and the absence of a cellular mobile signal. Efficient office administration activities heavily rely on a strong broadband connection, but Margaret and her husband struggle with an unstable connection, averaging less than 2Mbps. This significantly hampers their ability to manage online databases, communicate with stakeholders, and coordinate fundraising campaigns effectively.

Clear and uninterrupted communication is essential for building relationships with donors, partners, and volunteers. However, the unreliable telephone service in Brushfield makes it difficult to connect. Adding to their woes is the absence of a cellular mobile signal, limiting their ability to communicate on the go or access the internet while away from their home office. 

Despite these connectivity limitations, Margaret and her husband remain committed to their charitable work.

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The Outcome

NotSpot Broadband has made significant strides in improving connectivity for the farm in Brushfield. They have successfully installed Mastband, resulting in a remarkable increase in internet speed. With download speeds now exceeding 600Mbps and upload speeds surpassing 80Mbps, the farm has experienced a substantial enhancement in its online capabilities. Furthermore, NotSpot’s home Broadband has extended its services to include 5G availability from a distant mast, further expanding the farm’s connectivity options.

To address the telephone service challenges, UtterVoIP Cloud Voice has been implemented. This cloud-based telephony solution ensures a reliable and clear communication system for the farm, enabling them to connect seamlessly with stakeholders, including donors, partners, and volunteers. resulting in efficient operations for the charity.