From a single Hotspot through to what seems to be complex distributed AP’s (access Points) WiFi NotSpot will make it all look very easy. NotSpot will provide a feature rich and easy report driven solution managed either on your site or here at NotSpots NOC (Network Operation Center) all this for a simple single monthly payment.

Single Hot Spot

Easy installed Hot Spots for Bars, Restaurants and popular in waiting rooms e.g Dentists, Doctors and Law Firms

Managed Hot Spot

In House or externally managed Hot Spot solutions providing authentication, authorisation and accounting to your internet provison


Hot Spot’s giving you choice to structure your public internet service,including the ability to charge for access, provide free access or both with control over data, speed and time limits.

Simplified WiFI Management

Easy deployment of AP’s (access Points) from a few AP’s to 1000’s. This is the way to optimize network performance.

Managed Gigabit PoE+ Capabilities

Auto AP Discover and Provisioning

802.11k/r Fast Roaming

Client Fingerprinting

Comprehensive Security

Rogue AP Detection

Floor Plan and Map Views

Email Alert

Captive Portal

Configure AP Managed VLAN

Dynamic Channel Selection

Display Channel Utilization

Day or Night Business Surveillance

One-Click Firmware Upgrade

Wireless Coverage Display

Kick/Ban Clients

Controller Event Log


IP Cam Topology

Wired and Wireless Network Management & Reporting