Are you in a rural area? Do you want broadband? Look no further, NotSpot Broadband are here to help.


Are you wondering how much data you use or will per hour on average? Here is the perfect guide for you to find out all the statistics to help you decide which package you may require.


Average 1 hour activity unless stated differently:

Activity Data consumption
Web browsing 10-25MB
Download a document 2-10MB
Facebook 30-50MB (no video use)
Downloading a music track 4-8MB
Stream 30 minutes of YouTube 175-500MB (Facebook)
Download a non-HD film 700MB-2GB
Download an HD film 4-7GB
Stream non-HD video 750MB-2GB
Stream HD video 4-7GB
Stream music or radio 150MB


Here at NotSpot broadband we also offer larger packages up to 1TB. If you are a current customer and want to add more data to your monthly allowance, please get in touch on 0333 322 3434 and we will be happy to help.