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Mastband is our fibre beating offering that sits on a private network powered by the powerful and resilient 4G network. Fast broadband speeds are available almost everywhere in the UK all all you need to do is to allow us to check your postcode and we will confirm speeds by demonstrating what others in your area are already receiving.

Satellite broadband still has its place although now superseded by our Mastband offering we will implement in those very few places the 4G network doesn’t reach

If you would like to know more please phone 0333 322 34 34 or fill in the form below

On the Better Broadband Grant scheme we will ensure:

  1. The equipment will become yours and you will not have any equipment rental charges.
  2. You can upgrade to our larger data packages at anytime, free of charge.
  3. We provide an online information portal enabling you to see data use.