What is a Mesh System ?

A mesh system are individual devices communicating with each other over 1 radio frequency used as a back haul and producing WiFi over another. Mesh systems are not to be confused with WiFi repeaters that communicate over the same radio frequency as they produce WiFi thus halving the available band width/internet speed available form the installed broadband.


  1. Provide connectivity without the need of running separate computer cables
  2. Free up bandwidth by providing more WiFi connectivity
  3. Easy to set up and are almost plug and play
  4. Can be used with almost any router
  5. Not dependent on good quality ring mains or single circuits
  6. Great for modest sized properties (Kits shipped in 3 devices will be good for a small 2 or 3 bed semi)
  7. No single point of failure as long as you plan the placement of each device being in range of more the one other device.
  8. One single network, IE no need for multiple passwords or device names as you move around your house
  9. Scaleable network, can implement further access points around the house and implement them into the same single network.


  1. Mess systems communicate by WiFi although on another radio wave still have the limitations of walls and dynamics of houses.
  2. Speed will still suffer at the extremities of each device
  3. Losing connection as your device gets confused to which WiFi device to attach to where devices cross over
  4. Larger houses and dense wall properties will require multiple access points to run effectively which means spending on further devices until you find the right number that works.


Mesh Systems  are very good when set up with the correct number of devices to suit your home and will produce a good coverage WiFi System. Although they are defiantly not perfect and you could find yourself having to invest further to stabilise your WiFi network. The Mesh systems are still in their early days of Consumer grade products, on Paper they read well and they are good in smaller properties but if you have a larger property or a property with dense walls made of stone or insulation then our advice is don’t.


What is Unifi?

Unifi is an enterprise grade affordable wireless networking solution that makes it easy to deploy and maintain a high quality and scalable wireless network..


  1. Cost effective
  2. Free up bandwidth by providing more WiFi connectivity
  3. Will provide high capacity and the fastest WiFi available
  4. Not dependent on good quality ring mains or single circuits
  5. The definitive choice for larger properties
  6. Not limited to the dynamics of larger houses or thick wall construction
  7. Self healing, AP’s communicate with each other and if something is failing will alert controller. AP will then increase power to fill gap until repaired.
  8. Intuitive control and flexibility IE allowing users on multiple levels (Good for Guest WiFi)
  9. Once installed can be expanded and added to. CCTV, VoIP


  1. Has to be planned
  2. Physical installation of computer wiring
  3. Initial cost can be a touch eye watering


Once used you will never go back to any consumer grade or standalone WiFi systems. If you can financially justify the initial set up this system will stand you in good stead as it is future proofed for the foreseeable future.

This is a true fully manageable system and very cost effective solution.



What is a Point to Point Wireless Bridge?

In Wi-Fi networking, a point-to-point wireless bridge lets users wirelessly connect two or more locations together to share Internet services saving on multiple internet subscriptions.

Typical applications include the following:

  • Connecting two or more locations or buildings together on the same internet network.
  • Save financial expenditure on laying network cables, even over short distances.
  • Temporary installations
  • Creating one secure private network

Key features of point-to-point wireless bridge are:

  • Cost saving on multiple levels
  • Highly dependable
  • High speed
  • Easy installation, rapid deployment
  • Effortless network management
  • Hassle-free monitoring
  • Flexible and versatile