Start saving today with VoIP.  There’s no need for you to purchase new equipment, we can use your existing equipment. You can even keep your current number.

With VoIP you can be anywhere in the world to receive calls 24/7. Regardless of where you are, you will feel like the caller is next door to you. With our instant billing system you can check your bill in real time. It’s only fair that you are charged on a per second basis, why should you pay for the whole minute?

With our voicemail notifications you will be notified via email, meaning you can access your voicemails wherever you are.

Choose your plan

  • Minutes
  • Months Contract

VoIP 100 Any Mins

£6/ month
£6/ month
  • 100
  • 12

VoIP 1000 Any Mins

£16/ month
£16/ month
  • 1000
  • 12

If you require a VoIP phone then we can help. We have entry level telephones all the way up to high end. Starting from as low as £19.99 you can have a reliable and robust VoIP service. All of our telephones are plug and play, making it easier for you. If you want to use your current phones then you can, with our VoIP adaptors you can connect your telephones and you are away.

Don’t worry about loosing your current phone number, we can transfer your number onto our VoIP service. Meaning you can still use your landline number over our VoIP network. If you are out of your office a lot and miss important phone calls, don’t worry because with VoIP you can receive calls wherever you are. You can cap the minutes to cut off when you reach your limit, if you go over your limit the prices per minute are as follows: 8.5p a minute for mobiles. 1.5p a minute for landlines. All prices are inclusive of VAT.


There will be a one off fee of £30.00 inc VAT (set up) . Once we have received the £30.00 set up fee we will process your order and equipment. If you wish to keep your current phone you will need an adapter which is £65. We have a wide range of VoIP phones available start from £40.00.

For more information, please call us 0333 322 34 34