Making your life easy, assigning the Mastband device for remote access.
The 4G mobile broadband provision won’t allow online access for any remote control unless you pay a large premium for a fixed IP sim.

Port forwarding is what you need to do if you want to view and or control remotely. Unfortunately you cannot achieve this directly on the 4G network.

We can enable our Mastband broadband system to port forward. If you require this service please let us know and we will activate the system for you.

Choose your plan

  • Ports

Port 5

£9.99/ month
£9.99/ month
  • Up to 5

Port 6

£11.49/ month
£11.49/ month
  • Up to 6

Port 7

£12.99/ month
£12.99/ month
  • Up to 7

Port 8

£14.49/ month
£14.49/ month
  • Up to 8

Port 9

£15.99/ month
£15.99/ month
  • Up to 9

Port 15

£17.49/ month
£17.49/ month
  • Up to 15


Including VAT

Easy Remote Access

  • Heating systems
  • Farming equipment
  • Office equipment
  • CCTV systems
  • + Much more

If you wish to open more ports over and above our 15 port package, you can at a fixed fee of £1.00 per port.

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