SuperFast and reliable broadband connection for those on the move. Our compact system comes with a range of data packages from 4GB to 400GB and contract lengths from 1 month to 24 months.

Internet is a no longer a luxury but rather a requirement for everyone, even those who are travelling. Not Spot have developed a system for any mobile environment running on the back bone of EE 4G network. With our devices we can connect even when signal is not strong enough for mobile phones or dongles and produce a service that feels fibre like. Home form home.

Not only do our device work cross the UK but are enabled to connect to service on 125 networks across 75 countries.

Our Mobile Mastband can either be totally mobile with specific blade antennas or fully integrated to you vehicle with a small, almost flush, antenna to improve the availability of service. All ti ns and the devices sit on our VPN which means we are monitoring the health and more of the device. We can also provide remote access so if you want CCTV or even a phone it can be done almost anywhere.

Mobile broadband offers a reliable and robust connection. Not only can we supply you with a fibre beating connection, you can remotely access your devices with our port forwarding service.

With our Mastband system we can remotely upgrade and monitor the performance of our devices, making life easier for you. If you ever require our assistance, then call us. You don’t need to worry about getting lost in a large call centre.