SuperFast and reliable broadband connection for those on the move. Our compact system comes with a range of data packages from 5GB to 1.2TB (1200GB) and contract lengths from 30 days to 24 months.

Mobile broadband offers a reliable and robust connection that saves you money over and above usual Mobile phone data costs. Dedicated data packages make remarkable savings on data and can be as little as 20p per GB

With our Mastband system we can remotely upgrade and monitor the performance of our devices, making life easier for you. If you ever require our assistance, then call us. You don’t need to worry about getting lost in a large call centre.

Compact equipment

Our equipment is designed to be integrated into your vehicles, allowing you to be connected whilst travelling. We have designed our system to be slick and easy to use. You will have a WiFi connection throughout the whole vehicle, allowing you to connect your phones, tablets and everything else that uses WiFi. It is like have home broadband with you whilst travelling.

The perfect Subscription…

We have a wide range of contracts available for you to pick from, starting from 5GB all the way up to a whopping 1TB. With our 30 day rolling subscription you are not in contract for 12+ months. We are able to change your data package whenever you would like, completely free. Our data comes from the UK’s largest data provider, allowing our systems work in 53 countries.

Monitor your device…

With our Mastband mobile device, you can manage and view your device on your smartphone. Allowing you to change and edit the WiFi connection. Not only can you change settings, you can manage your users who are connected to the network.

Internet is a no longer a luxury but rather a requirement for everyone, even those who are travelling. Not Spot have developed a system for any mobile environment running on the back bone of EE 4G network. With our devices we can connect even when signal is not strong enough for mobile phones or dongles and produce a service that feels fibre like. Home form home.

Our device works cross the whole of the UK, 98% of land mass, and are also enabled to connect to 125 networks across 75 countries.

Our Mobile Mastband can either be totally mobile with specific blade antennas or fully integrated to you vehicle with a small, almost flush, antenna to improve the availability of service. All the devices sit on our VPN which means we are monitoring the health and more of the device. We can also provide remote access so if you have any requirement to attach from afar.