Guest WiFi

Anyone who allows guests to use their internet should really not even consider guest controlled access but actually have it, its an Ofcom regulation. If you provide internet to guests you are deemed to be an ISP, an Internet Service Provider and there are lots of rules a regulations associated to this provision.

However, with all alternative broadband EG Mastband, you will be subscribing to a data limit and no matter how much you request your guests not to be too excessive you will find that data will be consumed, in some circumstances at an alarming rate.

Guests using excessive amounts of data.

We see this a lot and no matter how we plead with guests about data use still it happens.

Solution? Guest WiFi which will not only controls what your guests use but will also enable you to comply with Ofcom rules with regards to providing internet (Yes, even providing internet to guests means you are now an ISP (internet service provider) and have entered the world of regulation. Not as scary as it sounds as all you need to record is who is on your network at specific times so if anything untoward should happen you can trace the perpetrator.

Even an entry level piece of kit will sort out the the data issue and the same kit will record all those who use your service. Simples!


Data is expensive: Example.

Set up the Guest WiFi device to allow your guests a certain amount data for their stay. EG enough for social media, business & personal emails and maybe web searching for local attractions and maybe booking events. We would suggest you restrict data use by not allowing your guests to stream movies etc. as this can consume large amounts of data. You could then allow your guests further data either free or by nominal charges. This can be done by pre issued vouchers (we would set these up for you) which will release further data. We can set these up for specific amounts of data and set up charges if you wish.

Other niceties if you wish, Facebook login. Your guests have to like your Facebook page (if you have one) and agree to your terms of use to be able to log in. This works in a similar way as the open login. Or maybe just a clear splash page about your services?


Guest Wi-Fi is not on your private network, you’ll never have to give out your password for people to log in. That way, all your devices, personal data and sensitive information are protected.

Summary, Guest WiFi will provide:

Branding: Customise the login page with your branding and logo for a more professional look and feel.

Data Capture: you can customise what fields you require from your customers. You can request email, phone number, or any other data you want to collect

Compliance Report addresses all of the PCI Data Security Standards, helping customers to build and maintain a secure network, protect cardholder data, maintain a vulnerability management program, implement strong access control measures, and monitor network security.

Vouchers:  Use Vouchers to Limit guest Accesses. You can distribute Vouchers to limit the access to the internet.

Plus much more.

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