We provide fully supported technology solutions for both temporary and permanent venues for events, leisure & hospitality sectors. Secure, Fast and Robust Wi-Fi & Internet connectivity, Temporary high speed internet connectivity, Rapid Deployment, Interactive Experiences

You may be surprised where we can achieve a fast robust Internet connection even where there are no utilities in almost a military fashion… give us a field, pond or mountain range and we will provide you a reliable internet connection.


We can support your events payment gateways with a fast and secure internet connection, to ensure your check out process is time efficient and secure.With our fast and reliable WiFi, your card payments will be completed within seconds. It’s not just you who will benefit from the fast checkout process, so will the customers at your event. There’s nothing worse than waiting around for your payment to approved and processed.


Communicate with staff and others throughout the whole event. Without any delays, in full HD audio. We can install and monitor everything you need to be able communicate with others.


Having WiFi at your event/festival is crucial, festivals are attended by an 18-24 year old demographic, of whom over 90% own a smartphone, having free Wifi is becoming a must have. That is where we step in, regardless of the events location or terrain, we can get you a fast and reliable connection to the web.


Do you want to stream your event to all of your fans online? If so, we can help. With our experience and technical ability we can provide you with a speedy upload and download speed for your streaming requirements, allowing you to stream your event LIVE onto any platform, ready to be viewed!

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Case Studies – Ironman 

An Ironman Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organised by the World Triathlon Corporation, consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile run, to be completed with 17 hours.

During each year we cover:-

England: Greater Manchester (Lancashire), Staffordshire,Somerset and Dorset.

Scotland: Lothian

Wales: Pembrokeshire


Password protected WiFi with a robust internet connection.

Registration: Registering all the competing athletes on to the Iron Man cloud database

Merchant: Point of sale merchandise using online stock control and ordering plus cloud controlled credit card  readers for in store (marque in a field) transactions for instant payments

Transition 1: recording the incoming athletes from Swimming to Cycle.

Transition 2: Internet recording incoming athletes from Cycle to running.

Live Video Streaming: Athlete arrival at Transition 1 and Transition 2

Finish Line: Live video internet streaming

Race Control: cloud based monitoring and VoIP phone for legalities.

Time keeping: recording all check points around the race route.

Our job

NotSpot broadband is proud to be the main provider of fast robust and reliable broadband to Ironman’s UK events since 2013. Ironman’s events can be anything from town centers, rural almost inaccessible areas, including lakes and woodlands, to beaches and across bays of water. No matter where Ironman host their prestigious triathlon Ironman have a stringent requirement of a trusted knowledgeable partner who is will to work in all environments to provide the internet in multiple locations in preparation and during the Ironman Triathlon.

All Ironman installations are critical and need to work first time in a timely and robust manner. they cannot afford to be let down by technology during high pressure racers where timing and reporting is critical.