3G & 4G Broadband

What is 3G & 4G broadband?4G-Sim-300x195

3G and 4G is a mobile communications standard and 4G is intended to replace 3G, allowing wireless Internet access at a much higher speed.

This technology has been available for a number of years but many only associate it with Mobile phones. 3G & 4G is available across the UK and a lot of the time in areas where mobile phones don’t have the power to pick the signal up.

4G frequencies

Where 4G becomes complicated is there are a number of different frequencies and the major providers have subscribed to a unique frequency for their provision. Notspot can not only find signal but also analyse which will be the most resilient for your location, adding to this we supply equipment that makes this service really in your home or business.

NotSpot can double 3G speeds

3G presently is more widely available than 4G but even so NotSpot can provide equipment that works perfectly with the 3G technology and as 4G becomes available the equipment provided will not need any upgrade. NotSpot also has equipment and technology to bond the 3G signal that will instantly double any available bandwidth.

Fixed IP options and larger data subscriptions

NotSpot will not supply you with a phone sim as we have the authorsiations to supply both dynamic and fixed IP sim solutions with much larger data subscription than can be bought on the high street. NotSpot  provide 4G solutions that are real opportunities for those locations that don’t warrant Satellite but have poor performance over ADSL connectivity.

Mastband up to 90Mbps

Notspot’s Mastband service has taken over 3G and 4G, offering speeds of up to 90Mbps in some areas. This is also improving as technology advances and the network of UK masts are improved, with estimates to cover 95% of UK landmass and 99.8% of UK population by 2020. There is more information on the Mastband page here.